Aoki factory opening ceremony 22/06/2014


Aoki Project (Vietnam) started after a chanced meeting of leaders of two companies, Kihusea VN and Neptune S.A.S. in 2012. Both parties are veterans in their respective Vietnam and France seafood markets.
JUNE 2014, Aoki factory (DL551) started processing tropical surimi with maximum capacity 5000 tons/year.
After just 1 year of operation, Aoki surimi have been exported to Europe and Japan markets, with annual export quantity over 4000 tons.
In 2017, Aoki upgrade factory to capacity 9000 tons/year, with 2 processing lines with all machinery  imported from JAPAN. Aoki also start its program of sustainable fishery and surimi, the first CSR surimi project in Vietnam and region.
With the focus on quality and long-term relationship with customers, Aoki would like to connect and partnering with seafood producers around the World.

From Aoki’s General Director,



14A Tan Dien Hamlet, Giuc Tuong Village, Chau Thanh District Kien Giang Province, Vietnam surimiaoki@gmail.com  –  www.aokiseafood.com


Start Date: 22 June 2014
Max Capacity: 9000 MT/year – 30MT/day
Processing Lines: 2
Worker: 250
Surimi Types: Pure Itoyori – Pure Eso – Ito Mix
Quality Systems: ISO 9001:2015 – HACCP – HALAL
Current Markets: France – Japan – Korea – China – Thailand – Vietnam


about aokiseafood


As a just-started factory, we experience many “first-time” at Aoki. We make and taste our first surimi, too salty from casing, but good. We first time working with a big French guy, remind us of Santa Claus who had an enormous beard and always brought presents from every trips back home. We would meet with people from Japan, Korea, China, Europe, Singapore, Thailand, as contractors and customers coming to Aoki nonstop, and there is no culture shock that a good drink-night cannot cure. ​ As a Joint-Venture with France, Aoki management board set the bar very high, to be the best surimi factory in Vietnam and produce the best tropical surimi. Our leader strategically create a management team of 80% young people. While our teams are lacking experiences, we are burning with passion and competitiveness, to work, to fight, to risk it all for the works, the ideas we believe in. We vigilantly build our structures, systems from scratch, not following the established way of older factories. Among all that works, what stay with us are the smiles of people around us and of our own . The warmness of the people is what guide us, giving us goodwill and good-intention to give Aoki the best foundation it can have, its reputation is our pride, and its roof is our second home. 2015 – 2017 period is quite a ride. In these short three years, Aoki had accomplish many tasks that laid out the corner stones for its continuous development. From 2015 to 2016 Aoki create the basic of its management system with three ISO for quality control, environmental protection and food safety control, this integrated system make the tearing wheel that keep Aoki management focus on the right track. In 2016, Aoki has started its “second line” project to acquire resources and finance for the upgrading of its factory capacity to 9000 MT/year, 8% of Vietnam output. Alongside the installment of second surimi line in 2017, Aoki ASIA market grow 370% in just 2 years and continue to expand further. Aoki also acquires its second Master, major in engineering, enriching its human capital and the continuous improvement of its factory. ​ Time fly when you are having fun (Albert Einstein), and it truly does at Aoki, no moment seem to last, no visit seem too long, but Aoki is where it all happened. We prepare Aoki for a long and exciting road ahead, collecting all goodwill and reputation of quality from partners, customers, and suppliers, all the sentiment and cherishment from people inside and outside associate with Aoki, and accumulate these valuable memories into Aoki brand image. We believe that as time fly by, once day Aoki value will be beneficial to all partners, customers, and suppliers as well, as we build our long-lasting relationship together through surimi. Thank you all for your care, your hard-work, your sweats and smiles at Aoki.